Residential Flat Roofing
Residential flat roofing doesn't have to be a painful experience
RW Mulligan ImagesRW Mulligan specializes in the consultation and insulation of a variety of flat roofing systems for your home.

Every job, client and budget requires a different solution. We offer various types of flat roofing options but the three below are our primary suggestions.

The trade referred to as waterproofing encompasses a wide variety of specialty applications of different waterproof products. Ultimately, RW Mulligan's commercial waterproofing services include the professional installation of waterproofing materials that keeps water out .

Whether waterproofing a new or existing structure, regardless if the service need is preventative or reactive,RW Mulligan's comprehensive waterproofing services keep the water out while giving you a more green roofing solution. .

Review the tabs below and if you have any questions feel free to call us at (631) 727-7555
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